Accelerating Green technologies: Empowering Shipowners for Optimal Vessel Performance and Environmental Impact

Unlock the potential for greater energy efficiency and commercial viability in your fleet with Njord Accelerator. Our groundbreaking initiative is dedicated to helping shipowners optimize their vessels while making significant contributions to a greener future.

Experience an impressive 6 to 16 percent reduction in energy consumption with Njord. But that's just the beginning. Our new Accelerator technologies can triple that reduction, propelling the shipping industry towards unprecedented levels of sustainability.

A Knowledge Partner and Integrator:
At Njord, we collaborate with technology suppliers to validate and integrate green technologies. As knowledge partners, integrators, and validators, we ensure the feasibility and scalability of cutting-edge solutions. Our expertise enables shipowners to confidently adopt new technologies and achieve enhanced vessel performance.

Accelerating Adoption of Green Technologies:
Navigating the complexities of emerging green technologies can be challenging. Njord Accelerator simplifies the process by connecting suppliers and shipowners, bridging the gap between innovation and market adoption. Our vast network of shipowners and charterers serves as a gateway for pilot vessels and subsequent fleet integration, enabling rapid scalability.

Rigorous Testing and Validation:
We employ a data-driven methodology to rigorously test and validate emerging technologies. Through concrete measurements and compatibility assessments, we ensure the combined efficiencies of established solutions and cutting-edge advancements. Shipowners benefit from streamlined implementation and substantial savings, bypassing extensive trials.

Seize Funding Opportunities:
Njord Accelerator opens doors for funding opportunities and investment support by fostering collaboration between emerging technology startups and environmentally focused financiers and investors. Scale your business and capitalize on the growing market for sustainable maritime solutions.

Expanded Technology Portfolio:
Njord has partnered with numerous equipment providers, including next-generation wind-assisted propulsion systems, innovative air lubrication variations, onboard carbon capture and storage solutions, hull performance technologies, and more.

Access our strong portfolio of technologies to optimize your vessel's performance.

Attention Shipowners:

Optimize your fleet's energy consumption, enhance commercial viability, and contribute to a cleaner environment with Njord Accelerator.

Contact us today to embark on a transformative partnership that revolutionizes your operations and sets new standards for sustainability in the shipping industry.

Together, let's navigate towards a brighter, greener future.

Let's collaborate to shape a cleaner and brighter future for the industry. Together, we can achieve remarkable advancements and set new standards in environmental stewardship.

    Join the Journey:

    If you are interested in being at the forefront of innovation, testing groundbreaking solutions, and driving sustainability in the shipping industry, we want to hear from you.

    Alternatively, if you have already connected with a supplier of a new technology and are now seeking to make it work seamlessly within your operations, we are here to support you. Our team of experts will help you execute your plans, measure the right metrics, and ensure the success of your green initiatives.

    Contact us today and let's collaborate to shape a cleaner and brighter future for the industry