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556,571 tonnes
Carbon Savings
186,642 tonnes
Fuel Savings
250+ vessels
40+ ESDs
What we do

Njord’s Technology screening analyses the energy efficiency savings potential of your fleet.

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We specialise in retrofitting tanker, bulk, gas and container vessels

Choosing from a portfolio of more than 40 technologies which we have practical experience with, we apply each technology, one by one, while calculating the anticipated combined savings effect, costs, ROI and regulatory impact.

With so many proven technologies available to boost your fleet’s efficiency, Njord ensures you select the right combination of technologies for your fleet based on a sound business case.

Using our decade-long in-house ESD expertise from Maersk, we map out your vessel specifications and operational profiles to assess the fuel consumption you can reduce by applying energy saving devices (ESDs).

A strategy for energy efficiency, fuel reduction, and compliance with evolving GMaritime Regulations

Screening fleets to asses how to maximise 
reductions through combined green tech

What is included:

  • List of all applicable efficiency technologies (from more than 40+ ESDS)
  • Savings potential of the combined ESD package and range per technology
  • Assessment of novel technology relevance, savings ranges and cost
  • Cost range per technology, and total estimated cost of package
  • EEXI, FUELEU Maritime and CII eligibility
  • Installation options
  • Total pay back time
  • EUETS and FUELEU Maritime
It was beneficial to engage with the NJORD team and gain from their experience to optimise our vessels.
With the best combination of green technologies installed on our fleet, it will enable us to keep our portfolio on trajectory towards a greener future.
Mads Svensson
Technical Director
  • Quickly and inexpensively assess the savings potential of your fleet or selected poor performing vessels
  • Uncover the optimisation potential prior to acquiring second hand vessels
  • Enhance your fleet's performance and sustainability through targeted technology upgrades
  • Facilitate cost/benefit sharing agreements between stakeholders
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Shipowners and Charterers use our Technology Screening to define their efficiency opportunities or validate current efforts in their fleet

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Working with Njord means gaining access to a wealth of expertise andworking with passionate industry experts.

Our team of marine engineers, naval architects, and shipping professionals combines Maersk's century-old heritage and Njord’s collaboration with over 80 shipowners worldwide with innovative solutions to optimise fleet operations.

The partnership provides you with actionable advice, proven efficiency technology solutions, and a strategic pathway designed from the ground-up to enhance your fleet's commercial performance.

Our hands-on approach ensures tailored solutions that leverage the very best of our collective experience and technological innovation.

Our approach is rooted in collaboration. We work closely with shipowners, technical teams, managers, and charterers, ensuring that we are aligned with the specific needs and goals of all stakeholders. This collaborative process ensures that our strategies are not only technically sound but also commercially viable.

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