We analyse the savings potential of your fleet

Njord has developed a virtual model which uses vessels specifications and operational profile to assess the fuel consumption you can reduce through applying energy saving devices (ESDs). Choosing from a portfolio of more than 30 ESDs which we have practical experience with, the model calculates the anticipated combined savings effect.

New and unproven technologies can be added to the screening through evaluation and alignment with suppliers.

We analyse the savings potential of your fleet

What we do in details

  • Screen your vessels with our Virtual ESD Tool
  • List all applicable ESDs
  • Highlight expected impact on EEXI and CII
  • Show total combined cost, end to end
  • Highlight which ESDs can be installed in operation vs drydock

Why you need this

  • Obtain a complete overview of ESDs relevant for your fleet
  • Identify how you can comply with coming regulations